Hi pet lovers! I’m Jodi Forbrich. My husband Sid and I are the owners of Nest N’ Rest Sheets. We’re also the very happy “Mom & Dad” of our K-9 kids, Hope and Faith.

logoNest N’ Rest Sheets was started after we rescued Hope and Faith in August of 2010.  After having the girls for a few months and washing their beds many, many times, I knew there had to be a better way to control odors and those “little moist messes”.  One day I decided to make “sheets” for their beds.  I wasn’t happy with version number one, so I kept working on making the sheets better.  Finally, version number FIVE was a winner and Nest N’ Rest Sheets was born.  We have created a superior product that makes your life easier and pet beds look great! Now we would like to share them with you!

Primary areas of focus for the product are;

  1. Comfort and safety for pets
  2. Quality of fabric and manufacturing for durability
  3. Ease of use and cleanliness for all.

Nest N’ Rest Sheets are made of 100% cotton on the top and color coordinated cotton/polyester material on the bottom. They’re also lined with moisture resistant 100% polyurethane coated nylon, so our beds are protected from smells and those little “moist” messes.